Thursday, August 26, 2010


I never gave much thought to the fact I have turned out to be an aesthetically focused person.

That was until I rocked up in a location where it's apparent I am the only one.

Obviously there have to be some other people who care about design or fashion or style (in any context) in the locality, but it's possible they are all tucked away working in the studios of the Emily Carr Institute to make any visible impact on the city.

It really matters to me how things look. If you've ever seen my hair 20 minutes after I've washed it or observed the state of my room you might laugh at this, but it's true. I once had a boy tell me, after I grimaced repeatedly at his baseball cap (he wasn't American or a baseball player - so what gives?) that I could wear a bin bag and he wouldn't care. Although the sentiment was the kind of thing girls everywhere long to hear after being bored to tears by prescriptive girly magazines with only one idea of 'cute' .... I wasn't impressed. You should care, is what I thought.

Advanced aestheticism is one of the traits that make us human after all.

All this preamble leads to the small and dull point that I hate wearing trainers. I wear them to walk the dog and even though it's true they surround my feet in cushiony bliss, they turn every single outfit into something straight from a very unfortunate council estate/trailerpark. For a start the pair I have here are ugly. The lady of the house I work for sold them to me as she had just bought them and didn't like them. It was one of those weird moments where she was all 'You can try these' as if she would lend them to me, but then quoted me a price.

They're not even my actual size, but they seemed to fit, and in all honesty it was the thought of shopping for trainers filling me with despair that made me accept her offer and take them off her hands.

Yesterday I wore an adorable floral pinafore with an A-line skirt and a top with cute metal fasteners. Then I put the trainers on. I looked down to see I had been transformed into a chubby chick in a tennis dress. (I have not been able to stop eating since I arrived. I don't look much different but my face is slightly moonier and my stomach has a small protective barrel encircling it. Plus that pinafore always gives me a bountiful rack where no such rack exists.)


  1. why don't you get cooler trainers? not as comfy but at least you'll look better =P i want to see floral pinafore with bounty!

    also - pinafore + trainers? that sounds like me in nyc =P

  2. HA! I can see you in that combo actually.
    Cooler trainers would be a good idea if I didn't resent spending more money on something I don't really want. Also brokeness level is reaching winter '07 proportions!