Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Multigrain Krispie Fraud Exposure

It's just one small heartbreak after another.

As well as finding out that the bliss of having 2 weeks with no family to clean up after and do laundry for is to be interrupted immediately by a colleague coming to crash, I just opened the 'Rice Krispies' to discover they aren't Rice Krispies at all.

These, honey flavoured monstronsities are actually Multigrain Krispies and they couldn't snap, crackle or pop if they tried.

At 175 calories a (no)pop though, I can't be too picky. I'm down to one caramel Mars bar with precious little candy money left.

(Don't worry too much - the candy money is depleted because I now require drinking money to explore Yaletown tonight.)


  1. they would make TERRIBLE crispie treats

  2. Too true, these could NEVER be a treat no matter now much you submerged them in butter and sugar. Oohmmmmmbutter.
    Thanks for the crispie treats you made me for breakfast 2 and a half years ago. I haven't forgotten them, they were waiting for me when I woke up, with a note.