Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We're not in Kansas anymore

...or rather, we have arrived in Kansas....

Something really cute and unexpected happened the other day and I am recording it here in case I ever need reminding that this truly is another world I have landed in.

I was walking the dog down a leafy street full of gigantic wooden multi-coloured houses (imagine craftsman cottages or lake side cabins on steroids) and a blond boy on a bike called over to me 'That's a cute dog you have there!'. He had the lilting intonation of all small North American children; each word squeaks up at the end of the sentence to a pitch only dogs can hear.

He got off his bike and came over and asked if he could pet the dog and asked how old she is. Then his sister came strolling down the street and asked the same questions, and told me she was barely able to leave her dog alone, she's so tiny. I asked how old the dog was, just because this seemed to be the appropriate question (8 weeks).

'I feel so bad leaving her but we're just going to the candy store' she gave me a goofy smile and shook her handbag for effect and I could hear her candy change rattling around inside. She was at that lanky stage when it seems like your teeth are too big for your mouth and your legs are growing too long for your body.

It was an exchange that impressed me all day. How do children grow up in 2010 and feel like it's normal to wander the streets alone chatting to strangers and flaunting their candy money? I wonder if they will ever grow up to live anywhere else. It was so innocent it was like going back in time.


  1. whooaa seriously. did they go to the candy store or the 5 and dime? or maybe the soda fountain???

    also, not all children can be brilliant sounding like the artful bloody dodger

  2. They went to the milk bar, I'm sure of it!

    It is a testament to your wondrous anglophilia that you reference the artful dodger, I'm proud of you lady.