Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Economical vs Ecological

Here is something I don't like that I have been exposed to here: fake ecological concern.

British Columbia, and Vancougar in particular, seems to have a reputation for environmental awareness. Even way back in the countryside where my hometown is nestled (among people who actually miss fox hunting) recycling has become second nature.

So it doesn't surprise me that I am constantly refilling small containers from big containers of oil/soap/everything else to save packaging (and presumably money). This is good.

The smallest member of the family (the smallest human member, not the cat) requested some yoghurt in small pots. Our yoghurt is mostly homemade so is stored in giant vats that need decanting for a packed lunch. (It's delicious.) The smallest member's mother gave a detailed explanation about the environmental impact of packaging and how she didn't believe in buying small pots of yoghurt.

The next week small pots of yoghurt filled up the fridge. It turns out the small pots were on sale. So, the real issue is small pots are a waste of money, but when they are on sale the environment can go to hell or wherever.

Maybe I'm just being pissy because I get made to feel guilty about all the nail varnish remover I use and how 'it gets in the water and contaminates it'. I gave up meat for 10 years, but the thought of giving up nail varnish is just too much. (I'm currently favouring black, it's the last vestige of my teenage years and I plan to cling onto it for as long as it doesn't look ridiculous.)

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