Friday, November 26, 2010

The Important Decision

I forgot something on that list of stuff that happened:

13. I got a twitch in my right eyebrow that lasted about 12 hours. It's hypnotic if you stare in the mirror at your eye twitching.

My body has subtle and obvious ways of saying 'Dear Cass, you are managing to have fun because you have buried all the things that concern you way down beneath your stomach. I will remind you periodically that you need to deal by twitching your eye, withholding menstruation indefinitely, providing a tight knot between your shoulder blades and giving you episodic bouts of tinnitus. love, Your Body.'

It's nice to know it cares about me.

Time for a pop quiz!

When you are 29 almost thirty, which is the most viable option for prolonging your youth, thus giving yourself more time to do the things you thought you would have accomplished by now?

a) get married
b) get a real job
c) get a Master's degree

If you answered a) or b) please go back and read this whole blog before I get all snot-and-bullets on you, yell that it's like you don't know me at all and slam the phone down.

Obviously the answer is c) and I have decided to go to graduate school. It is not called 'grad school' in England, and to my English ear that sounds faintly obnoxious. However the term postgrad is even more pretentious sounding, because it reminds me of postmodern. By the way, I appreciate pretension in small portions so this is not a slight.

The best thing about this decision so far is that it gave my Dad an uproarious laugh on the phone when I told him. He managed to sputter in his delerium, which was so infectious I couldn't stop laughing either, that I'd be able to pay off my student loans from my pension and skip the bother of working in between studying and old age.

Last year I couldn't decide whether to move to London (again) or Paris, or Vancouver. This year I can't decide whether to study in London (again) or Paris, or Vancouver. I'm going to apply everywhere and see who'll take on my poor brain.

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