Friday, November 5, 2010


America, did you know it was National Sandwich Day for you the other day?

I hope you celebrated appropriately and ate sandwiches with fillings 5 inches thick.

In England, we like to solemnly remember war time rationing by keeping sandwich fillings as sparse as possible, especially if the sandwich comes from a supermarket.

During a recent online search for things that Vancougar might offer me other than walks in the woods and opportunities for uncharacteristic flirtations with hairy dudes, I was looking for an alternative bookshop where I might source my copy of the new Erika Lopez book. Ok, ok so I was looking for somewhere I might spot cute girls in Van who can also read, but anyway, I found an ad for a gay establishment that included the initials GBLT*.

My only thought was:

Gay Bacon Lettuce & Tomato?

Maybe they were just really happy to be celebrating the upcoming National Sandwich Day.

Of course to be truly gay this sandwich would have to be made using Fakin' Bacon.

* for the uninitiated, the initials usually used to denote gayness or gay friendliness in an establishment/publication/service or whatever are variants on LGBTQ with Q being a relatively avant garde addition. I have never, ever seen GBLT before, but it does promote my status as 2nd in the line up as opposed to 3rd, so who's complaining?

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