Friday, November 26, 2010

What's Occurring?

I just got home from walking the dog through 6 inches of slush. It rained all over the beautiful carpet of snow I was too chicken to go out in. I was afraid my fingers, used to a milder climate, would fall off since it dipped to minus 20.

Eleven days flew by since I last wrote. Here are the highlights:

1. I got a new crush due to this hilarious advice column/lip synching duo.

2. I re-ignited an old crush due to no.3.

3. I caught up on Season 6 of How I Met Your Mother.

4. I went to a supermarket for the first time in 5 months. Actually I went to Wholefoods recently too but that's more of a social occasion.

5. I was asked if I attended the local high school. ! . By a guy on the bus. I was so startled I blurted 'I'm 29!' somewhat indignantly. He responded that that was ok, it doesn't matter. Thanks buddy. I wish I'd pointed out to him that if I did go to high school he is definitely too old have been attempting to chat me up on the night bus.

6. I discovered I can still bind a book (sort of) even after 3 glasses of wine.

7. I caught up with WK and discovered he's realised he lives in Van and is thus still coming to terms with issues I have long since managed to drown out by singing along loudly to Tegan and Sara and accepting that the internet is a legitimate avenue to making friends here if you don't harbour a penchant for cycling or smoking* like everyone else in the vicinity.

8. I found out how much I hate it when the lids are left off things. Like, it's actually possible in this house for someone to open a jar of honey (or worse, yoghurt! That stuff needs refrigerating dudes!) use it, then leave the lid off and the jar standing naked, and then leave the house. This happens all the time.

9. I witnessed someone roast a chicken with a lid on. My little heart broke a bit for all the skin that wouldn't go brown and crispy. Then the lid came off for the last 10 minutes and the fat spurted out and flames roared. That's what a gas oven does, apparently.

10. I asked Robin Sparkles to 'civil union' me and move to London. I didn't get down on one knee since it was via gchat. I want to steal her so we can live together in a commune forever and adopt children and bake. I guess her beau Swarley can come live in the commune too once he graduates.

11. I was surprised and kind of embarrassed to think that my country is way behind Canada and that a 'civiil union' even exists. Especially when so many unions are uncivil.

12. I made an important decision.

* not cigarettes, duh, Vancougarites are too healthy for that

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